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Thank you for choosing Mansfield FoodWorks for your at home shopping requirements. We offer instore pick up and local Mansfield delivery 7 days a week. We also service Barjarg, Swanpool, Lima, Benalla, Bonnie Doon, Peppin Point, Maindample, Merton, Ancona, Jamieson, Mac's Cove, Howqua, Booralite, Goughs Bay and Mountain Bay, Limestone, Merrijig, Sawmill Settlement, Mount Buller, Tolmie, Barwite, Yarck, and Yea. For the full details please see the timetable page.

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119 High St, Mansfield
Vic, Australia • 3722

(03) 5775 2255 | mansfieldonline@reddrop.com.au

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The Online store only will be closed Monday 11th March due 
to it being Labour Day public holiday.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
Thank you on behalf of the online team at foodworks.