Deli & Seafood

Bertocchi Virginian Ham Kg
$15.99 per kg
Hot Roast Chicken Each
$11.99 each
Primo Bacon Middle Rashers Kg
$13.99 per kg
Bertocchi Short Cut Bacon Kg
$15.99 per kg
Fabbris Ham Off The Bone Kg
$20.99 per kg
Don Kabana Kg
$14.99 per kg
Bertocchi Champagne Ham Kg
was $18.99 $16.99 per kg
KR Castlemaine Salami Mild Shaved Kg
$24.99 per kg
Don Salami White Hungarian Kg
$24.99 per kg
Mayfair Twiggy Mild Kg
$29.99 per kg
Bertocchi Honey Leg Ham Kg
$16.99 per kg
Lemnos Smooth Fetta Cheese 200g
$5.49 each $27.45 per kg
Streaky Bacon Kg
$17.99 per kg
Primo Chorizo Kg
$18.99 per kg
Primo Shredded Ham Kg
$10.99 per kg
Ingham Chicken Loaf Kg
$12.99 per kg
Leonardo's Danish Fetta Kg
$11.99 per kg
Primo Bacon Pieces Kg
$10.99 per kg
Don Skinless Franks Kg
$11.99 per kg
Chicken Kiev Each
$4.99 each
Don Salami Hot Hungarian Kg
$24.99 per kg
Don Strasburg Kg
$14.99 per kg
Leonardo's Pitted Kalamata Olives Kg
$23.99 per kg
Primo Cocktail Franks Kg
$9.99 per kg
Bertocchi Sopressa Hot Kg
$25.99 per kg
Don Skinless Cocktail Franks Kg
$11.99 per kg
Leonardo's Antipasto Mix Kg
$32.99 per kg
Primo Cheese Kransky Kg
$18.99 per kg
Sunfresh Coleslaw 300g
$3.99 each $1.33 per 100g
Bertocchi Pizza Topping Kg
$11.99 per kg
Bertocchi Silverside Kg
$22.99 per kg
Chicken Cuc Lett Tw/​Rl Sushi Ea
$6.99 each
Clamms Rainbow Trout Whole Kg
$9.19 each (approx.) $22.99 per kg
Ingham Premium Chicken Breast Kg
$19.99 per kg
JL King Seafood Salad Kg
$15.99 per kg
Leonardo's Semi-Dried Tomatoes Kg
$24.99 per kg
Prawns Kg
$54.99 per kg
Salmon Fillets Skin On Kg
was $39.99 $35.99 per kg
Turkey Breast Kg
$24.99 per kg
GO Fresh Cut Fruit Platter
$40.00 each
Lemnos Haloumi Cyprus Cheese 180g
was $7.04 $6.00 each $33.33 per kg
Primo Roast Beef Kg
$21.99 per kg
Cheese & Vegie Burger Each
$2.99 each
JL King Creamy Coleslaw Kg
$10.99 per kg
Leonardo's Fresh Ricotta Cheese Kg
$8.99 per kg
South Cape Greek Fetta 200g
was $5.43 $4.50 each $22.50 per kg
Vegie Burger Each
$2.99 each
Hazeldene Honey Soy Chicken Kebab Ea
was $1.99 $0.99 each
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